For years the Alpha site has been the destination for many great minds and talented people, working up solutions to the seemingly impossible problems. With the frequency of SGC’s incidents, it has been determined to bring artifacts back to Alpha site instead of straight to SGC when possible.

Recently, with the rise in importants of the Alpha site, it has been upgraded to be a tenant command of SGC, complete with it’s own CO, XO… and it’s own set of problems.

The overall mission of SGCA is to continue to serve as the alternate launching point for SG missions, and to act as the staging area for all incoming artifacts found. They are also to act in total secrecy. The only personal that know the true purpose of Alpha Site is general Hammond, the Joint Chiefs and the president himself. No other, not even the IOC should know of the existance of SGCA.

Prevent unauthorized disclosure at all costs!

Stargate Command (Alpha Site)